Take Five

RIP Dave Brubeck. You were a fabulous jazz musician and composer. Take Five, by your quartet, is one of my quintessential favourite jazz pieces. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to wear a black poloneck and serious glasses, live on the Left Bank in Paris (not that you did – you were Californian, but you were still cool in a French intellectual way) and talk about Sartre. I still don’t really understand the time signature. But it sounds amazing.

Anyway, five. Five. It’s a big number.

There is something about having written five books. My new one, You Don’t Know Me, is currently being edited by the wonderful Imogen Cooper at Chicken House, and is due to come out in May (as long as I can do the rewrites in time).

YDKM pack shot 1a


New look

My husband is about to launch a new blog, so we’ve been experimenting with themes. I found this one and I think it makes my blog look more intriguing. Any thoughts? I’d love to know if you prefer the new way, or the old way, or something different altogether …