Design a Wig!

What Joan Lennon said! Love the Design a Wig idea. And Marie Antoinette’s dress in the main image is insane. In the best possible way. (My wig would feature a sailing ship worth of Pirates of the Caribbean, in honour of Philip Treacy’s magnificent hat for Isabella Blow. Or possibly the Taj Mahal.)


I love historical fashions, the weirder the better.  Take Europe in the 18th century for example …

marie-antoinette3b_koningin_der_fransen Marie Antoinette with a dress the size of a house and hair to match

18th century women’s wigs put simple modern hair extensions to shame!

V0019865ER The heads and shoulders of five women who wear elaborate wig Five 18th century wigs, each wilder than the next!

But why just look at pictures when you could be having a go yourself?  Now you can – digitally – at the V&A Design a Wig page here.

Have fun!

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Fame, Fashion and Heroes … Let’s Dance

It’s 10.08, and it’s already been a rollercoaster day.

David Bowie’s death was announced. My friends and I have been knocked off-course, like Sandra Bullock in Gravity. He was 69, but he was eternally young. He was still making music, still surprising and inspiring people around the world. I’ve just heard an interview with him where he said he felt eternally 20 (he was 57 at the time), and that’s how he felt to us too. His classic songs were the sound-track of our youth. It hurts. It really hurts.

I wrote about Bowie in Love Song. I had to, as it’s a book about lots of my musical heroes. I’m so glad I included him – more than once. Nina dances to one of his songs, and the musicians reminisce about playing with him. It’s a tiny, fictional connection. My tribute to a star of stars. RIP SpaceMan

Meanwhile, the bound copies of Love Song (with their beautiful yolk yellow covers, and some rather lovely swag) have gone out into the world. It’s always scary for a writer. Like sending your children off to nursery school. What will happen? Will anyone like them? Will they make friends? LoveSongSwag

Well, so far people seem to be falling in love. (So not like nursery school: more like college.) I’m so, so happy! Thank you to everyone who’s fallen for Jamie (and/or Angus, and/or Nina, and/or the other boys), and taken the time to tell me so.

Now back to writing. I have four stories on the go. Today I have Lauren Laverne in the background, on 6 Music, playing Bowie. In his honour, I will dance.