Touring, walking and repeating

So, next week and the week after, I’ll be touring the country, talking to Years 7-9 about being a writer. I’ve posted a piece about it on my website, here, and to avoid repeating myself too much, it’s easier to give you the link.

I shall also be continuing to tour the internet with the You Don’t Know Me UK blog tour, and the links to my first three posts are on the website too. They’re about where I get my ideas from, the playlist for the book and talent shows, and I promise you will love them. Check them out.

And at the weekend, in between the physical tours and the blog tour, I’ll be walking round London for the Moonwalk. Guess where I wrote about that? Yep – on the website.

This is a problem. Where should I post my news? I currently have a Facebook fan page, the website news section and this blog. I use them all for slightly different things, but maintaining all three is complicated, and I’m never sure where people are going to look for updates.

What do you think? Are blogs still the way to go? I don’t really have time for many long posts anymore, but sometimes it’s nice to have the space to meditate about something – like reaching the end of the bookshelf. Those posts are increasingly few and far between, though, as I focus on getting the new book done and publicising the last one. Is a blog worth keeping up if it’s so sporadic? Facebook is great for short, sharp updates, but not everybody likes it. The website’s great too, but people mostly use it to find out about the books specifically, if my site stats are anything to go by.

It’s a conundrum. One I know many writer friends are struggling with too. The internet is changing weekly, especially as sites like Facebook keep changing how they’re used. We want to share  news, ideas and comments, but not to bash people over the head with ‘me me me’ advertising. How do you like to use the web? All comments welcome on this one. xxx