UKYA Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunt

Welcome to the UKYA Easter Egg Hunt! One very lucky winner will win a huge grand prize of signed books by over thirty YA authors who write and live in the UK.

All you have to do is read this blog, count up how many UKYA branded Easter eggs you see here (not including the unbranded ones in the banner at the top), and follow the link at the end to the next blog. Keep going until you get back to the blog where you started, and add up how many eggs you’ve seen along the way.

Ta dah! Easy, huh?

Email your answer to: A winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries, and contacted by email.

This closes at noon (UK time) on Sunday, 5th April, and is open internationally.

A little bit about me

I write YA about girls who love, or hate, fashion, music and fame, and who somehow have to deal with the consequences. There’s also quite a bit about saving the world in there too.

My best-known series is Threads, which is about a secret genius teenage fashion designer and the friends who help her get discovered. I’ve also written The Look, You Don’t Know Me and The Castle.

I possibly spend too much time wondering what it’s like to be a designer, or a model, or a reality TV reject, or to accidentally stow away on a superyacht, end up on a billionaire’s private island and try to save a whole country from an evil dictator. Luckily, that’s my job.

So get finding those eggs! And some awesome UKYA authors and books along the way.

The next blog from here is Gillian Philip at

Good luck! Get counting!


3 thoughts on “UKYA Easter Egg Hunt

  1. I have a need for fashion, designers, and reality star books in my life because I TOO spend (maybe) too much time thinking about what it’s like to accidentally have dinner with an A-lister and then whoops maybe they invite you to an after party but is is super awkward? Does every body secretly hate each other at these things? ALSO the most important question of all: is there always somebody I can relate to (because it would be me) standing next to the buffet marvelling about the size of the mini hamburgers?

    Anyway, I will add these to my TBR list ASAP!


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