World Book Day 1 – Hillview School

So, we started with fairy tales. Me and 12 Year 7s. We talked about our favourite ones, then we picked one and tried to write it quickly. (Well, the girls did. I just listened to the fabulous sound of biros tapping against paper on a hard table.) Then we personalised them. Oh, they were getting good by the time we had to stop …

Then we designed book covers. About four girls came up with titles that were better than anything I’ve thought of. I may have to steal one or two for future stories.

Then I talked about me. With pictures. Me and books. How I became a writer. Where I get my ideas from. How my writing life has been influenced by Harry Potter.

And in the meantime, I got to wander around Hillview School. Wow it celebrates the arts. My favourite bit was the textiles department. Which is Nonie. Heaven. It really was like walking around a Threads set. Crow would have cried with happiness. I took lots of pictures.

Thanks for having me, Hillview, and especially Sophie, the magnificent librarian who worked so hard to make it happen. I really enjoyed the day.

If you live near Tunbridge Wells, look out for the Hillview pop-up Oxfam shop, coming soon. They’re in the middle of customising the clothes and I promise they’ll be great. Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of Threads, alive and well and doing a BTEC at a school near you, now …


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