Girl Crush #1

So many girl crushes to choose from, but at the moment, I’m crushing just a little bit on ………..



Angela Merkel.


Go Angela!

And here’s why.

1) She’s a powerful world leader who has managed to get herself re-elected in the middle of very troubled times

2) She lives in a modest flat in Berlin. No lifesize Spanish galleons in the garden for her (see the Ukraine), or fleets of unaffordable limos (see Spain), or streets being shut down for hours as she passes (see Russia), or cities being practically brought to a halt by her security (see the US). She’s an austerity role model

3) She doesn’t think it’s her job to be a fashion plate. She dresses sensibly, for the busy job she has being a WORLD LEADER. (Take note, Miley Cyrus.)

4) She grew up in East Germany, under one of the most repressive regimes in the world. This makes her fascinating, but not bitter. She really didn’t like it when the NSA bugged her phone, though, and after she survived the Stazi, you can see why.

5) She’s steered Germany through the recession with a very steady hand, despite managing a coalition government. She makes it look easy. Bet it’s not.

6) She loves football and has a sense of humour and a lovely, gentle, ready smile. (So does Obama, if you’ve noticed, and we like him too. Putin … not so much. He’s more likely to strip down to his trousers and wrestle a bear.) We’d love to spend the afternoon with her (and a translator) putting the world to rights.

7) Our male, Establishment, Eton-educated Prime Minister just a little bit wants to be her. I don’t think he’s the only leader who thinks, correctly, that she’s cooler than him.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany since 2005, welcome to London this week. We salute you.