Cover story

In honour of its publication next week, here’s the cover of Beads Boys & Bangles in Italian:

Good luck, little book!

I’m now thinking I could have called it ‘Yarns’ in English. We spent ages looking for a one-word, multi-meaning title, but I don’t think we every considered ‘Yarns’. It might have worked well for anyone who knits.

While we’re on the subject of covers, here’s the paperback version of Threads in Italian, which came out last month:

Also very cute. They’re based on the French covers, which I loved. They really capture the kookiness of the girls. However, interestingly, the most popular cover so far has been this:

The German hardback version. It also exists in green. My theory, based on the girls who write to me, is that readers are really interested in craft: making their own things and reading about girls who are creative like them. The cotton reels really capture that, which I hope bodes well for the Italian cover too. Book 3 comes out in Germany in November. It has a sort of pincushion on the front. It’ll be interesting to see if people like that one too.

You’d never guess I originally wanted a tailor’s dummy, a spotlight, a laptop and a machine gun for Threads, would you?

If you’d like to design your own ideal cover for Threads, do send it in and show me. I’d be happy to put the best designs on the Threads website. And I’d love to see what you come up with.


4 thoughts on “Cover story

  1. Hi Sophia! I really love the Italian book covers-they’re gorgeous!! I adore threads and am an avid reader of nonie’s blog! I’m now considered “the fashionable one” because i know what’s in and out, what’s influenced by chanel, by dior, and that’s because threads got me into fashion soooo much! I really love The Look too, and I’ve written a review on it on my brand new blog Bookie Bubble ( ) and i’d love it if you took a look, because I’ve just got started! Thanks again, Molly šŸ™‚ x (a big fan!)

  2. Just looked at it. I think it’s great! Of course, I loved what you said about The Look and I’m so glad it made you feel that way. I’m about to start reading Summer’s Dream, too. I’m a BIG Cathy Cassidy fan. Good luck, Molly, and keep blogging. xxx

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