Don’t Mizz Out

Well, I knew it existed because a fan told me it did and I’d seen it on eBay. But now I know it exists, because I saw it with my own two eyes at Victoria Station. (And, Reader, I bought it.)

The latest edition of Mizz magazine comes with a range of lovely goodies, and if you’re lucky – which you would be if you bought it from Victoria Station today – one of those goodies is Threads. The slightly smaller version that I love because it just so cute and cuddly.

So there I was, in WH Smiths, with my friend Sophia (honestly, she’s called Sophia – Soph for short – and she pronounces it the same way as me, too, which is SEW-fia) and there was my book, on top of Jessie J’s face, within spitting distance – not that it would, of course – of Company, Glamour, Bliss and Vogue. Nonie would be so happy if she knew. A part of me thinks she does know.

Soph asked me how I felt, seeing it there, but to be honest I was too busy taking this photo to really notice. I think I felt nervous. Nervous that the next book is proving so tricky to write. (Second album syndrome, except it’s my fifth, and it’s a book.) Nervous for The Look. Have you bought your copy yet? Nervous that maybe loads of girls will put my GORGEOUS, PERFECTLY SIZED little book aside and not read it and fail to find out how much they might have enjoyed it.

I think I’ll probably enjoy the moment more when I come back to this blog, much later, when the new book’s going smoothly at last and I’m confident that The Look has found its place, and I can just be proud of how far Threads has come, and grateful for my lovely publisher, Rachel, for getting it shrink wrapped under some free makeup, and on top of Jessie J.


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