One day to go! More about the blog tour …

So – tomorrow is The Look’s birthday. It’s a funny old day, because the book is already in the shops (according to my friends, who’ve managed to see it before I have), so it’s not like one of those big Harry Potter events we used to have, with a massive embargo and the author doing a midnight reading in a museum.

Instead, I shall be visiting Alleyn’s in Dulwich – one of my favourite local schools – for an early talk about secret dreams and writing, then celebrating World Book Day in Just Williams book and toy shop in Herne Hill later on, which sounds fab.

Meanwhile … the blog tour begins. I’ve been doing a lot of work for this, so for the next eleven days (until it lands up back here on 12 March) I shall use this space to point you to my guest posts elsewhere. If you’re interested in how a book gets written, then this might just be for you.

Just to give you a flavour of what I’ve been up to, here’s what I’ll be talking about:

1st March: Mostly Reading YA – An interview about writing The Look

2nd March: Chicklish – Gimme Five: Sisters in books

3rd March: Painting with Words – Me and modelling

4th March: Bookster Reviews – An exclusive extract from The Look

5th March: Fluttering Butterflies – Playlist: my 8 favourite Look-based tracks

6th March: Wondrous Reads – The story of the cover

7th March: Bookaholics – Writing about illness

8th March: Writing From The Tub – The timeline of writing The Look

9th March: Books for Company – Video of me doing a reading from chapter 6

10th March: Overflowing Library – Bookcase Showcase

11th March: A Reading Daydreamer – Interview: fashion and me

12th March: Here – Some of my favourite writer friends talk about their secret dreams

Hope you enjoy it! xxx


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