Those winning entries …

I must remember never to run a competition. They are the icebergs of authorial websites.

The good bits – the bits I remember and that make me do it again, despite everything – are choosing the theme, getting the entries in, hearing from readers and new fans about what they’re up to, reading some truly great stories, admiring some great pictures (and now video too), and enjoying the countdown to the big announcement.

Actually, that adds up to a lot of good bits. Maybe I will run another competition. One day.

Anyway, they’re the pretty white tip of the iceberg sticking up above the water. What you don’t see – and I tend to forget – is the dirty great grey bit underneath. First of all, there’s whittling down my favourite entries (generally a dozen or so) to the few who will finally get a mention and win a prize. During this process, which lasts for days, I feel mean. Seriously. Mean. So many girls put in so much work – or just showed a natural talent, you can never always be sure – and some of them are going to be disappointed, thinking I didn’t like their entries when I did, I DID!

Then there’s the admin that goes with fighting with the back end of a website, trying to put up all the winning entries, so you can admire them. It takes ages! Anyway, it’s done now, so check out the Competition page of the Threads website, follow the links, and enjoy the 5 entries that made it to the top.

But if your picture or story didn’t make it this time, that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was good. I almost certainly thought it had something really special about it. And there’s always next time …

… Which means I’m going to have to run another competition sometime, aren’t I?

I guess I suppose I am.


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