Competition winners

Well that was hard.

As one waiting period starts (I love Advent), another one finally ends.

I took a couple of days to judge the ‘The Girl in the Picture’ competition because all the entries were great (THANK YOU, guys!) and there were about 10 I really loved, and it was almost impossible to pick my winner and runners up from among them. But I’ve done it, and if you want to know who I chose, go to and check out the Competition page.

If you’re one of the winners, I’ll be contacting you soon to sort out getting your prize to you.

And don’t forget, if you didn’t win, but you’d still like to get the Threads series to give to a friend (or friends) for Christmas, you can get the set from The Book People here, for less than £5. What a bargain! Or – even better – you can go into your very fabulous local independent bookshop and get them to order them for you. They’ll arrive very fast – they have the most amazing ordering system – and you’ll make an independent bookseller very happy, which is a good thing to do at Christmas time.

Enough about buying books. Well done again to everyone who entered the competition. When I have a moment, I’ll put up the winning entries in a gallery on the threadsthebook site, so you can admire them all.

Happy Advent! xxx


4 thoughts on “Competition winners

  1. Hey Sophia,
    You are probably the most awesomest, (if thats a word) most creative authors I know of. I adore your work. I wish I had knew about the comp sooner, I would of loved to enter!
    Crow, Nonie, Edie and Jenny are amazing, whenever I read about Crows latest invention I have a little case of the green eyed monster! Wish I could make stuff like that, but then I can’t draw either so my carreer in fashion designing pretty much ended there!
    I love your descriptions, there so vivid. Hmmmm maybe you should do a xmas themed book….
    Peace, love and fashion 🙂

  2. Hey Sophia,
    I was just wandering whether your gonna make your books availale on ebooks or kindles because I love reading but most of the time i’m on my kindle. I’m a edie-techy kind of girl! Thank you.
    Also what channel? program will threads be on?????

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much

    livin and lovin xxxxx

    • Hi Hola. I’d love my books to be on ebooks and kindle (I do a lot of my reading that way too), but I’m not sure when my publisher will make them available that way. They are in German, so if you speak German you can read them that way! As for the channel, it will be an American one. We’re still crossing our fingers and hoping … sophia xxx

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