A few of my favourite things …

Today’s favourite things have come from recommendations on Twitter, Facebook and at the school gate. Let me share them with you.

The sweet ending to the new John Lewis ad (although I still can’t get my head around the idea of super-miserable and single-minded Morrissey from The Smiths letting a middle-class shop use his song for an advert. He must have agreed with a strong sense of irony, unless he’s finally going soft. And also, have you seen how many [SPOILER ALERT] presents Santa leaves by the bed? Way more than our kids get first thing in the morning, I can tell you. Maybe John Lewis wants Father Christmas to get more toys in their shop to distribute. That’s my theory, anyway.)

Another, simpler delight has been the truly fabulous imagery in the trailer of the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie that’s coming out next year with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL. If you watch, I’m sure you’ll agree. (Excuse the link to the Daily Mail, but it’s got the best pictures I’ve seen.)

And finally, I heard about a new doll called Matilda (website here), who comes from Tudor times and who I would have killed for when I was ten. (Or, more accurately, begged one of my grannies for and then yearned for like the boy in the John Lewis ad and, in fact, probably not got even then because she’s really expensive and people were a bit more sensible with their cash in the 70s and even Father Christmas wasn’t that generous, but I would have imagined having).

She’s aimed at 8-12 year-olds, and comes with a book about her Tudor adventures, and lots of ideas for imaginative play. How many girls that age are there who like history and costume and adventure stories and things they can do with their friends? Oh yeah – LOADS. Despite her eye-watering price tag, I think she’s going to be a hit.


One thought on “A few of my favourite things …

  1. I want a doll like that now and I’m 16… Well I am still a child at heart, I’m basically still a child on the outside anyway. But you know. And I think the ending of that John Lewis advert is very sweet. 🙂

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