The Girl in the Picture – competition

At last! Here it is …. That competition I’ve been promising you. (edited version)

It’s called The Girl in the Picture and it’s based on a couple of workshops I did earlier this month. You have to write a short story, or the opening of a book, or you can do an illustration of a book cover or even a trailer of a book …


It just has to have ‘The Girl in the Picture’ as its title. Oh, and it can be comedy or romance or horror or whatever you think it should be. Just make it exciting, and intriguing, and make me want to know more. If you’re writing, it’s max 1000 words.

You can enter as many categories as you like, but just one entry per category please.

You’ve got until 28 November to enter and the winners will get advance copies of my new book The Look (which is OFFICIALLY the most beautiful YA book coming out next year. As judged by ME.) as well as a bunch of other stuff. All the details on prizes and how to enter are on the Threadsthebook website, here.

If you need any more information, you can contact me via a comment on this blog.

Good luck! Have fun! And happy half term!

sophia xxx


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