Projekt C

Threads has come out in Poland, and they’ve called it ‘Projekt C’. Which I love. There is indeed a ‘Project Crow’ in the book, and it’s very important. I wish I’d had the idea of ‘Project C’ when various people who didn’t like ‘Threads’ as a title wanted an alternative. It rocks.

Oh, and the cover. I adore it. It’s the edgiest cover so far, and therefore one of my favourites. Something about the way that thumb is tucked into that pocket suggests the girl on the cover means business. You wouldn’t want to mess with her. And the background? I instinctively loved its mathematical messiness, but on close inspection it looks like industrial pattern design. I guess you’d program a machine to tell it where to cut.

Thank you, Egmont, for the amazing work you did on this. You’ve made an English author very happy. I can’t wait for my own copy, so I can see what Nonie, Crow and co get up to in Polish. Project Big Success, I’d say.


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