Making Darth Vader out of a spoon

This is one of those special, special weeks that don’t come round very often.

I’m starting the new book and right now, it’s PERFECT. Perfect, you repeat? Are you sure? Well, yes. Because I haven’t written anything that can’t be changed yet, and most of it is still in my head, and in my head it’s BRILLIANT. It’s only when it starts to change into something in the page that isn’t quite what I imagined – when I have to start making compromises about who’s talking and what happens when – that it becomes, well, an artistic challenge.

But I don’t mind the challenge either. When the most difficult decisions you have to make are around point of view, and where to put the jokes, you know your job is pretty fabulous. It will be hard, very hard. I’m not saying it won’t be stressful most of the time, and that I’ll never be truly happy with it, and I’ll probably be sitting here, fiddling with it in a year’s time. The thing is, it could be good. There’s just a chance that I could make something wonderful. I love this bit.

Meanwhile, the challenge at school (for the boys – although the mummies take it just as seriously) is to turn a wooden spoon into an interesting character. We’re doing a three-eyed alien and Darth Vader. Which means the boys doing lots of glueing later on, and Mummy going to the local Sewing and Craft Superstore to buy pipe cleaners, googly eyes and felt.

I’ve just come back. Each time, I forget how much I LOVE my craft superstore. Almost as much as writing, I think. Probably AS much. It takes me back to that same point in my childhood when I made things with my mummy, and it brings out every creative juice in me.

When I tell you I have just bought a BODKIN, you’ll know that they have everything in this place. Including loads of stuff you didn’t know you wanted. Plain Venetian masks, for decoupaging? Daffodil-making attachments for cake icing cones? (OK, I didn’t want those, but wow anyway.) Hot foil? (I don’t know what hot foil is, but it looked lovely and I think I need some.) Multiple varieties of bug-eyed buttons? Neon balloons? I could have stayed there for hours, just admiring the stock and imagining all those things I could make if only I had the time …

But we have a Darth Vader to make, and I have a new book to write, so the bodkin will have to wait.

I love weeks like these.


One thought on “Making Darth Vader out of a spoon

  1. Oooohhh. I love craft stores, we have one near us called HobbyCraft. It’s amazing. I go there every chance I get, I love it. Just shelves and shelves of wonderful creative stuff!

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