The boys went back to school this week. That means many things in the Bennett household …

  • It means that last week was the Pre-School-Haircut. We did this at Trotters, who also sell toys and clothes, which is where I discovered this adorable, cloth-eared elephant:

  • His name is Kipu, which means ‘happiness’ in Nepalese, apparently, and every sale of him raises money for the Cairn Trust to build a school in Western Nepal, which is desperately poor and where the children need all the help they can get. I’ve visited the area and it’s insanely beautiful. It had the cleanest air, the best food and the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. And the most mud. A school with a roof that keeps out some of the rain in the rainy season, and a dry floor to sit on – or with chairs, even – would be good. You can find out more about Kipu here.
  • It also meant we did the traditional Pre-School-Visit-To-The-Launchpad-At-The-Science-Museum. This was, as always, busy, funny and inspirational. Here are the boys, post-haircut, but still pre-school:

  • And finally, it means that I have managed to start seriously plotting book 5 at last. I tried my latest ideas out on the boys last night. There were lots of suggestions about how to include more twists and introduce new characters – that’s what comes from having another aspiring writer in the family. But also, my little one kept asking ‘what happened to the boy in the castle? Did he get out?’. These were the RIGHT questions. And his anxious face really needed to know the answers. I’m hoping that bodes well for the new story.

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