Win ‘Brilhos’

It’s September! Yay!

I’ve always loved this time of year. It comes with having been a bit of a swot at school, and loving the idea of new clothes, a new pencil case, carefully choosing my pens, rulers and rubbers (how I would have loved Paperchase and Cath Kidston if they had existed in the 1970s), and going out on autumn walks to check out the golden leaves and developing conkers on the horse-chestnut trees.

I don’t know what September’s like in Brazil. It probably doesn’t feature woolly jumpers and conkers, I’m guessing. But it’s still an exciting time for me …. because ‘Brilhos’ has just come out (Beads Boys & Bangles in Brazilian).

To celebrate the great title, great cover, great excitement and great early reviews*, I’m giving away 4 signed copies of ‘Brilhos’ to the first 4 people to contact me via my website. (If you go there, you’ll find a contact page where you can email me your name and address.) And yes, I’m happy to post them to Brazil.

The very first person will get a copy of ‘Linhas’ too. Good luck! I hope you love them.

sophia xxx

Here are some of the reviews. Thank you SO much, to all of you who’ve written such fab things about the series.

Literalmente Falando

Dear Book

Batalha Literaria




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