The Edinburgh Children’s Book Festival 2011

Last weekend I took my son Freddie up to Edinburgh with me, so we could wallow in a whole weekend of books.

I was talking at the Book Festival with first Maggi Gibson, author of the Seriously Sassy series (which are fab – read them NOW), and then Lynne McCrossan, author of A Girl’s Guide to Vintage (which is as good as it sounds; she writes about affordable vintage looks, so you probably need a copy of that too).

I make this sound as though it’s the kind of thing I do every day. It’s not. It was VERY EXCITING INDEED and I loved every minute of it – especially meeting other writers, answering questions and meeting readers afterwards in the signing tent.

When I wasn’t talking or hanging around in the author’s yurt, with my mouth hanging open, seeing so many of my favourite writers just loafing about, eating pastries and drinking coffee … I was off being a fan with Freddie. We saw Cathy Cassidy (for me), Robert Muchamore and Derek Landy (for Freddie). They were all fantastic. So inspirational.

I’ll be writing more about that later. But meanwhile, here’s a slideshow of what it was like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “The Edinburgh Children’s Book Festival 2011

  1. My favourite thing about the festival? Seeing so many young people getting really, genuinely excited about books and storytelling in all its forms. All those people who moan that ‘kids don’t read anymore’ (and I may, at times, have been one of them) should pay a visit to the next Childrens Book Festival.

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