Today I am mostly reading …

How to be a Woman – by Caitlin Moran

Just finished this on my Kindle. Loved it. (I’ve been dead jealous of Caitlin’s precocious writing talent for years and years.) I followed her on Twitter while she wrote this book, so I feel as if I was there.

I love what she says about politeness, waxing, 100,000 years of oppression – ending in about 1986, being vs doing and bad boyfriends. She is entirely wrong about heels, but you can’t have everything.

Jessie Hearts NYC – by Keris Stainton

Thanks to my lovely friend Keris, I spent a fabulous summer exploring New York – one of my favourite cities. All on my Kindle. All in two days. Jessie is not the only girl to heart NYC. Look out for the gold cover. Gorgeous!

Seriously Sassy – by Maggi Gibson

Seriously funny. Seriously mad. Seriously engaged in the world around her. Seriously unpredictable. I love Sassy and her friends, and I love Maggi, who made them. So I can’t wait to be onstage with Maggi on Sunday, talking books in Edinburgh. Woo!

A Girl’s Guide to Vintage – by Lynne McCrossan

This book arrives tomorrow. It might as well have been written for me. I’ll be talking to Lynne at Edinburgh too. (Check out her gorgeous fashion-y blog here.) There are rumours of a *whisper it* FASHION SHOW at our event! Woo woo!

There is no Dog – by Meg Rosoff

As you probably already know, I’m a big Meg fan. But I’ve always thought of her as a rather serious writer, despite her funny blog, which I love. However, the blurb on the back of this new book is hilarious, and near perfect. It has a strong ring of Douglas Adams about it (The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), which is no bad thing. This it the book I’ll be taking to Edinburgh to read on the train on the way up  – when I’m not teaching my son long division, that is. (It’s going to be SUCH an educational trip.) His reward is to read Meg after me.


2 thoughts on “Today I am mostly reading …

  1. I bought Seriously Sassy and Jessie Loves New York. I haven’t read them yet but I am definitely looking forward to it! My Mum also got How to be a Woman and A Girl’s Guide to Vintage which I also like!

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