I’m in Italian!

Or rather, sono in italiano. I’m so excited about Threads coming out in Italy. In my teens and early twenties I spent many happy times there – in Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Trieste, Bologna, Sardinia, Puglia and lots of other equally lovely places. I actually probably know my way better around Italy than I do around England.

I discovered the joys of fine art there and, perhaps even more importantly, really, really good cooking. I went out with my first proper boyfriend there (and, come to think of it, my second). I met my female soulmate – a girl called Chiara, whose name I’m saving for a book one day. And did I mention the food? It was SO GOOD. Plus, I read Italian, naturalmente, so I’ll be able to see how Nonie sounds all’italiano. Which I imagine will be stupendo.

I’ve been dying to see what the cover would be, and finally I know. It’s this:

Look familiar? If so – wow! You’re a real fan of the series. This is the French cover – one of my favourites. Very happy to see it used again. The title is ‘Un sogno su misura’, which translates as ‘A dream made to measure’ (but it sounds better in Italian). It comes out next month. Auguri!


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