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Yesterday …

I FINISHED THE LATEST DRAFT OF THE NEW BOOK! *dances around the living room drinking champagne* (Actually, I was too tired to drink champagne. Also, by ‘finished’, I mean ‘got to the end of but still need to rewrite a couple of scenes’. So it’s not done yet. But it’s soooo close.)

Anyway, today I was in a good mood. A very good mood. So it was perfect that today I was off to Bramhall, near Manchester, as a guest (for the second time) of Simply Books. My job was to judge a fashion competition at Bramhall High School and talk to the girls about my books. My favourite kind of thing and the perfect way to celebrate.

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The four finalists were Rebbeca, Verity, Rebekah and Leanne. All their dresses were wonderful, but the detailed workmanship of Leanne’s – the orange one – made her nudge ahead as the winner. They all had to use recycled materials. The necklace to go with the dress, for example, is made out of beads and little gold safety pins. Nonie would totally approve. And the skirt is made out of Sainsbury’s bags. Yes, really.

Big thanks to Sue, for asking me up, and Gwyn and Claire for organising the day. And to everyone who asked a question. It was a really good day for questions.

Happy sigh. Now off to finish finish the book. I’ve seen the new cover and it’s totally gorgeous, so I now the pressure’s on to write a story worthy of it. Nice pressure, though. And then I really might pour that glass of champagne.


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