This weekend I am mostly …

OK, so here’s the next 72 hours or so …

Friday: Royal Wedding, obv. Watch with children. Make my (slightly scary) Catherine Middleton doll smile and wave appropriately. Cheer along C&W while stuffing 40 Top Gun party bags with snickers bars, plastic aeroplanes and haribos. Buy lipstick.


Saturday: Alex’s 50th birthday party. Welcome friends from as far away as Dubai, Cornwall and Scotland, remind them how fab Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis were. Feed them burgers and cupcakes. Send them home with party bags. They are going to be SO impressed.

Sunday: My mother’s birthday. Give her presents. Feed her cake and champagne. Admire her new iPad – a present from my father. (She knows she’s got one, so if she reads this beforehand that’s fine, but actually at the moment my father has to print out my blog posts for her, so he can censor them if necessary; however that won’t apply in The Era Of The IPad, of course.)

Monday: recover, check entries to Nonie’s royal wedding dress design competition. The ones I’ve received so far are FANTASTIC! I’m glad I decided to announce 3 winners, because I’ve decided who one of them will be already.

Tuesday: send children to school, keep rewriting overdue book, talk to editor.

And the hardest part of all? The lipstick buying. I’m dreading it. Getting the colour right in something that doesn’t wear off after four minutes, or take the top layer of skin off my lips, and will make me look vaguely like Kelly McGillis. Anyone who has seen me will know how difficult this is. Wish me luck.

“Just hit the brakes and they’ll fly right by.”



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