Writing life …

A snapshot of writing life …

  • A Brazilian fan called Paula was inspired by Nonie to write a blog of her own, and I think very quickly overtook poor Nonie in getting the hang of photo-based blogging. If you  like  images of fashion, hair and cute animals with Portuguese captions,  give it a go. I’ve picked a favourite post, looking at models with larger figures. What’s fascinating is to go from this post to the one before it, about traditional celebs in party dresses. So thin. So small. So sad.
  • I marked papers at the Southwark Schools Lit Quiz today, at Kingsdale School in Dulwich. Seven schools attended. Kingsdale B stormed it. Great to see all the children clustered round a big table afterwards, eager to find a book to take away.
  • WE GOT CHILDCARE!!! The fabulous Anna looked after my four year-old this afternoon, and will again three afternoons a week for the next three weeks. This means WRITING!!! (Which is good, because I need to storm through this set of rewrites for The Look to meet my next deadline.)
  • Steve, the illustrator who’s working on the cover for The Look, is letting me collaborate a little bit. My writing is occasionally pleasantly interrupted by new packshots (techincal word – love ’em) of the latest mockup. Love.
  • I’m organising a birthday party at the end of the month. A big one. This means I get to think about balloons, mini-burgers and professional cupcakes. On a regular basis. Happy face.
  • Here are some pictures from Kingsdale, including my School Visit Shoes (which are, naturally, Vivienne Westwood Melissas). Sadly, I don’t have pictures of Sandra Agard, who told a couple of fabulous stories about rumpled rhinoceroses and cruel kings. Maybe one day she can weave in a tale or two about magical Melissas.

One thought on “Writing life …

  1. Hi Soph!
    Sorry I took so long to reply, but I’m workin/studyn so hard these days!
    I will post 2morrow about your book! Thanks a million, it’s an honor to have my name and blog posted on yours! you’re so lovely!
    – i emailed you, asking if you have a copy of LINHAS in Portuguese. As you might probably have, I will try my best to send to you a present from Brazil, because I’m a big fan of yours!
    Your blog is very nice too!
    -I’m gonna post some English stuff, maybe you’ll be able to read ’em!:)
    kisses from far far far away! hehe

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