Kids at work

It’s always the things that scare you most that turn out to be the most fun.

Not that I was scared – just suitably nervous. Two workshops in one day, with Years 6, 7 and 8, followed by another one the following day with Year 9. I’ve done some great workshops before, but also at least one rubbish one (at least, I thought it was rubbish), so I really wanted it to work this time.

All of the workshops were on themes I hadn’t done before – carrying on where one of my chapters left off, making a collage of your favourite Threads character, and writing about friendship gone wrong.

Day 1 was Bishops Stortford College Junior School, where my niece goes. Just to add to the drama, it was World Book Day. As things turned out, we had a ball. Here are some fab photos of the Book Club and the creative writing workshop. Enjoy!

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If you want to see the photos of the artwork produced in the following session, check out the link on my Facebook page. Truly cool. Definitely doing that again one day.

Next day was Herne Bay High. When I got there, it was ‘Drop Everything And Read’. The school had somehow carved out 25 minutes for all of its 1500 pupils to sit down and read a book. Extraordinary. I watched them do it. It was the brilliant brainwave of one of the PE teachers. As the celebs in Jamie’s Dream School keep saying – today’s teachers are very wonderful. They deserve to be celebrated.

I talked to Year 7 and worked with Year 9. I’ve never known anything like it. Thirty 13 year-old boys and girls in a temporary classroom (their school’s being rebuilt around them), concentrating in absolute silence for half an hour on constructing some great dialogue between vivid characters in difficult situations. I kept saying ‘you can stop in 5 minutes’, but they didn’t want to. I read their pieces on the train. Fabulous.

Have I mentioned I have the best ‘job’ in the world? I think I might’ve.


2 thoughts on “Kids at work

  1. Ha! I see you used the whiteboard. I always ask for a flip chart, being scared of the WB thingy! I absolutely agree, going into schools and working with the kids is the very best consequence of writing books.

    Just going to read your latest…

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