From the page to the catwalk

Sometimes, you get to watch your inner world come to life.

I spent the weekend in Hamburg, where my publishers, Chicken House in Germany, had run a fashion competition for the launch of ‘Wie Zuckerwatte mit Silberfaden’ (Threads, to you and me). The winner was a lovely 14 year-old called Ann-Kathrin, and the prize was to watch her dress appear on a catwalk at the Hamburg graduate fashion show.

First, there was a reading at the (very cool) Chicken House HQ. I got to meet my fabulous –  and, as it turns out, also beautiful translator, Sophie. The girls from marketing, production and all over gamely agreed to model some of the other outfits and we had a mini show.*


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next day, we all went to the Big Event, which was held in an uber-cool warehouse on the wrong side (literally) of the tracks in the side of Hamburg where Jason Bourne would hang out if he had to – which he should, because Hamburg docks are just crying out to be the stunning backdrop to a major thriller.

We watched an hour’s worth of incredible outfits, modelled by stunning-but-not-anorexic girls (big relief). Then Ann-Kathrin got to see her own outfit go up and down the catwalk. At the end, I was invited up too to receive a sculptural bouquet and as we all walked back to our seats they played extra-loud fashion show-type music.

Did I try just the tiniest catwalk shimmy during my two seconds of fashion fame?

Reader, I did.

* This is my first attempt at a slideshow. If you hover your cursor over it, it should show you how to see the other pictures. I hope.



2 thoughts on “From the page to the catwalk

  1. The dress looks amazing! Will you ever do this type of competition again? I know you did the one with Jewel’s winning dress, but at the time I hadn’t discovered Threads and would love the opportunity again sometime.x

  2. Hi Kate. I’d love to run the competition again! It depends on my publishers, though. It takes a lot of organisation. If the books are really popular, maybe they’ll do it one day. xxx

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