The blog tour begins!

For the next two weeks or so, I will be here …

1st Feb Bookster Reviews: interview (and giveaway)

4th Feb Chicklish: five of my favourite fashion-inspired books (and giveaway)

5th Feb Love Reading X: the issue behind this book

6th Feb The Beaucoup Review: sneak peek – Nonie in the fringed tablecloth and bicycle chain belt

7th Feb MileLongBookshelf: five of my favourite scenes across the series

8th Feb Writing from the Tub: writing to music

10th Feb Almost True: writing a series

12th Feb Magic Bean Review: what’s special about the cover of Sequins (and giveaway)

14th Feb Mostly Reading YA: New York

16h Feb I Was A Teenage Book Geek: fashion book covers

Come and find me! See you there …

s xxx


5 thoughts on “The blog tour begins!

  1. When will threads be available to buy in bookshops… I’m a huge threads fan and have been reading the last two books constantly for the last week in preparation! I live in the south of england, can you tell me when I’ll be able to buy the new book.. I can’t wait!!! Thank you :))

  2. I just finished reading the new threads book- its amazing! Will there be a fourth one because I’m sure you mentioned before there would be? I hope so, because I love reading them! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sarah. I’m not planning on writing a fourth Threads book. Not at the moment anyway. Although, having said that, the girls are still living in my head, so it wouldn’t be hard! Instead, though, I’m writing a new book about a girl who’s wondering whether or not to be a model. I have my first editorial meeting about it next week. Very exciting!

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