Blogging about not blogging …

I haven’t blogged as much as I’d have liked recently, because January has been insanely busy.

My New Year’s resolution was to spend less time googling my books and seeing what people were saying about them, and more time writing stuff – for the Internet, or otherwise.

So far so good (apart from the gaps on this blog), but oh my goodness.

In January I …

  • Almost finished the new book (book 4 – to be called The Look). Just two more scene rewrites to go!
  • Wrote a review for a fabulous book about elections in Nepal, called The Tutor of History
  • Organised a blog tour for Sequins, Stars & Spotlights in February, which will include 10 posts and interviews
  • Wrote interviews for bloggers and websites in America to mark the launch of Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings
  • Wrote interviews for bloggers in Brazil to mark the launch of Linhas there
  • Organised various school visits for February and March (or rather, agreed to let various lovely school librarians organise them for me)
  • Ran two competitions to win signed copies of book 3
  • Organised my launch party for book 3
  • Sent out the invitations for my husband’s 50th birthday party
  • Persuaded the 4 year-old to go back to school when he didn’t really want to, after a lovely Christmas holiday
  • Perfected my elder step-daughter’s recipe for roast carrots and parsnips with honey and pine nuts
  • Read and fell in love with When You Reach Me, among other books and …
  • Introduced the 10 year-old to Percy Jackson

Never again! February will be the month where I

  • Submit a book
  • Go to Edinburgh for the first time
  • Visit some schools
  • Try and help save York Gardens Library in Wandsworth …


If anyone knows any good movies I should look out for, I’m open to suggestions. (Oh, and we somehow fitted in seeing The King’s Speech. Fantastic. Colin Firth’s schedule at the moment probably makes mine look extremely tame.)


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