Books – lots of books


There are many, many good moments about writing a book. This is one of them.

The big box arrived from the publishers a couple of days ago. These are what was inside. They are currently arranged artfully round the house while I work out who needs a copy. Sooooo pretty. Steve Wells, the cover designer, is a bit of a genius. And Jewel, who designed the competition-winning cover dress, created a gem.

Meanwhile, I was at the Chicken House Big Breakfast this morning. Some publishers do cocktails (I’m told). Chicken House do big, fat coffees, pains au chocolat and scones. Totally yummy. Or rather, they looked totally yummy. I was too busy chatting to fabulous, booky people and old Chicken House friends to manage more than a teeny-weeny chocolate tart. I really will have to try harder next time.

Two of the fabulous, booky people I met were from this blog, and this one. Bloggers are such a friendly bunch of people. If you like books, read these. You won’t regret it.

Meanwhile, various people were drifting around taking photographs of Lovely People In Groups. If any of these come my way, I’ll share them with you. Unless they’re of me standing next to Andrew Peters. He is a brilliant public speaker and player of the digeridoo but, like my husband, very, very tall. We would look like a John Cleese sketch, with me as Ronnie Corbett. Better not.


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