Suzy pulls it off

A piece of advice. If ever you’ve written a book and a nice girl called Katie from AudioGo emails you to ask if you’d like to go and watch the audiobook being recorded – say yes.

It’s fun. A lot of fun. I was worried that hearing the words read aloud would make me want to go back and edit every line, but luckily that didn’t happen. Suzy Aitchison is doing a wonderful job with it, along with her producer, Alec. (Alec is a secret favourite person of mine, because he chuckled at EVERY SINGLE FUNNY LINE. Nobody has done that before. Ever. It was exceedingly wonderful.)



They had to solve all sorts of problems that I don’t have to worry about – like if one girl (Nonie) reports the speech of another girl (Crow) who has a slight accent, do you use the accent of the second girl or the speech of the first? Tricky. I left them to it. But there were some things I could help with – how to pronounce Schiaparelli, for example (Sha-par-ELL-li). And my own name (it’s SEW-fee-a).

Actually, those were the only two. The rest of the time, I just listened. Suzy has the kind of voice you could listen to all day. And I hope people will. It comes out in June, apparently, on 4 CDs. Perfect for long journeys with young teenagers. Just saying …


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