The Wife of Bath

Sorry, I just had to think of something quickly with Bath in the title. It could just as easily have been Bath Oliver. It’s not really about wives at all.

I’ve just heard that the Threads audiobook is being recorded in Bath next week, and they’ve very kindly invited me to go along and watch it happen, and even to have sandwiches with the reader and producer! It’s very tempting, but I’m supposed to be doing the rewrites for book 4 at the moment, and at this rate it will be the summer before my editor ever sees them. So what do do? Decisions, decisions …

I think I’ll end up going, though. It will be the weirdest, most wonderful thing to hear the words that were only ever in my head, and then on my computer screen, and then on the page, finally coming to life. Nonie’s voice! Jenny’s! I have to be there, don’t I?

And Bath is one of my most favourite cities. I’m talking myself into this, aren’t I?


5 thoughts on “The Wife of Bath

  1. Of course you should go Sophia! Except, I wont be making the descision so I shouldn’t be telling you what to do! Anyway, this is coming from the opinion of a young girl who can only dream of having a book published. I just wanted to remind you that isn’t this situation awfully lot like a teenager’s? When the teenager has homework, has to finish it before a certain time but can’t bare to miss this absoloutely fabulous party?

    Kind regards,
    Hazal (14) a very fond reader

    • Very good point, Hazal! I suppose I should be setting a good example and doing my homework but … Actually, I’m doing both. I’m going to go in the morning and write in the public library in the afternoon. So I’ll only be half guilty.

  2. Hi Justine

    I think I will! Book 4 is a new thingy, by the way. It’s called ‘The Look’, actually, but to me it will be ‘book 4’ until it’s published. Assuming it is … Fingers crossed. xxx

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