Have book, will travel

Well, have book and the book will travel, anyway.

Here’s Threads – now Linhas – in the Livraria DaConde, Leblon, Rio de Janiero.

Only problem? The author was tucked up at home in Wandsworth, writing book 4. But as the photos here suggest, the locals had fun.

More in Sao Paolo in a couple of days. I’m thrilled that Intrinseca are giving the girls such a big welcome. There are more books in this picture than I imagined selling of Threads ever, to start with. How far my girls have come!


3 thoughts on “Have book, will travel

  1. I’m from Rio de Janeiro and it was awesome to receive the invitation for “Linhas” release in Brazil at my own house! Congrats for your huge success in Brazil, even if your book was released just this month here. I’m so sorry that I had a party to go when Linhas was released, but all my friends told me that the release was awesome and very cool. There was so many people there! Congrats 🙂

    • Hi Iris. Thanks so much for telling me about the party. I wish I could have been there myself! It sounded amazing. So did the one in Sao Paolo, with its own fashion show. I’m thrilled your friends thought it was awesome and cool. Hooray! I hope they enjoy the book too. And one day I will find a way of coming to Brazil and experiencing it all for myself. sophia xxx

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