Authors at work

You may think that going on tour in Ireland with two other lady writers is a matter of sitting around in lovely restaurants, eating incredible Irish food, chatting about our books and our children and driving past Bono’s house to admire the view.

OK, it is.

But it’s also HARD WORK, I’ll have you know. There is setting up to do in various theatres and bookshops. Then there is taking down. We have hundreds of girls and boys to talk to (true – that bit’s easy and highly enjoyable). We have to sign and sign and sign and sign. You think we enjoy this?

All right, we love it. But it’s still work, OK?

Here are some pictures of us doing it. For more, look me up on Facebook and see the album I’ve just uploaded. Check out Judi’s hair – it’s gorgeous.

As is Bono’s house. (From the outside. We didn’t meet up with him and get invited for a tour round. Although a girl can dream.)

And it’s not over yet. If you’re in Dublin, come and meet us at BT2 on Grafton Street tomorrow (Saturday) between 1 and 3. There’s a fashion show on too, apparently, and Paula Reed from Grazia will be there. Not Bono, as far as I know. But I’m still dreaming.


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