Pure poetry

Well, that was a terrible day in north London …

ONLY KIDDING, MIN. It was fantastic. Again. But the librarian at Northwood College was reading this blog last night and was worried that I might say something awful about today’s visit. As if.

I do occasionally hear horror stories about authors visiting schools. I liked the one I heard today about an author who spent an hour vividly conjuring up his books and his life, only to face one, solitary question at the end. It was ‘Can you swim?’.

But so far this hasn’t happened to me. The girls at Northwood were, to a girl (and there were lots and lots of them), fabulous: bright, engaged, enthusiastic and interesting. Nobody once asked about my athletic abilities, but we did talk quite a lot about books and writing.

On the way home, I was confronted by pictures of David Cameron saying ‘Your country needs you’ and looking determined and grim. Well, all I can say is, by the time the country needs all the teens I meet on a regular basis travelling round it, it will be in fabulous shape. We are educating a bunch of wonderful young people. We’ll be fine.

It was National Poetry Day today, in case you hadn’t noticed, so Min introduced me with a limerick. It’s an old favourite of mine and here it is:

There was a young lady from Ryde
Who ate a bad apple and died
The apple fermented
Inside the lamented
And made cider inside ‘er inside.

It is actually quite difficult to feel depressed about anything after a few decent limericks. Perhaps they should be prescribed. “Your country needs you. And a bit of poetry.”


3 thoughts on “Pure poetry

  1. Hi Sophia

    Thought I’d pop in and say hi! Sounds as thought you are having a fab time with the best job in the world! So pleased things are going well for you.

    I love what you say about the country needing its teens. They come in for so much unfair criticism. We should be inspiring them, not knocking them. I think the country needs people like you to do the inspiring.


  2. Hi Sophia,

    Thank you for your comments – they both made me laugh and feel proud of the wonderful girls here at Northwood College. Thank you also for such an interesting and inspiring talk. I hope we will be able to welcome you back here at some point in the future.

    Very best wishes,

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