Nobody ever tells me anything

We have another cover to announce …..  Ta DAH! And just how pretty is this one, I ask you?

VERY PRETTY, that’s how pretty.

The nice lady who does my French covers is called Margaux Motin, and I love what she does with them.

I also love the way that Hachette are naming the books. It’s close to my original idea for Threads: to subtitle each book after the girl whose story features most. ‘Tome 3’ will be about Jenny and it will work perfectly. So much easier than the English editions, which require three alliterative, appropriate words each time. What was I thinking there? Go Hachette!

‘Tome 2’ comes out on 1 October which, if I’m not mistaken, is NEXT MONTH! NEXT MONTH! And I’ve only just found out about it, because I happened to look up ‘Tome 1’ on the Hachette website, to see if it had any more reviews (it hadn’t). Honestly. Sometimes the writer is the last one to know.

However, if it’s good news, the writer doesn’t really mind. The writer is looking forward to adding this fabulous cover to the collection on her shelves. The writer is smiling to herself right now. In French.


One thought on “Nobody ever tells me anything

  1. Love the cover! The characters look great, and I love how Margaux Motin mixes the cartoon-like characters with the photograph of the spools of thread. It makes a great effect, especially with the slight transparency.

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