Threads 3 – we have a cover!

Well, it’s pinky purple, it’s backed with lace and sprinkled with buttons and it’s here.

Ta DAH. The cover of Threads: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights has landed.

Things I like about this cover:

  • The title. It took us AGES to find a title we all agreed on. One that reflected the story, matched the other titles, looked good in print and went with the design that Steve had in mind for the cover. I think we got there. Happy author. When I think of some of the other things we considered …
  • The dress. I suggested it. Yay! Go me! It’s the dress that won the fashion competition in January, and it’s designed by Jewel Simpfendorfer, then aged 11, kindly made by Tammy and featured in the June issue of Bliss. I didn’t choose it for any of those reasons, though. I chose it because we looked at hundreds of dresses to inspire us – in stores and online – and this was the one that best fitted the title and the air of romance we wanted for the book. Don’t you just love that corsage of flowers and the sequin detail on the bodice? I’m just very glad that Jewel agreed to lend it to us for the shoot.
  • The lace and button theme along the bottom of the book. I loved the India theme last time, for Beads, Boys & Bangles. This one’s just as good.
  • That little lace flower Steve’s used for the ‘i’ of Sequins. Cute!
  • The hanger. I have to admit, I wasn’t a total fan of the hangers on books 1 and 2. I’m not a padded hanger girl. They mean you can’t fit enough stuff in your wardrobe, I find. But this one is good.

The person in charge of covers at Chicken House is Rachel, so thank you, Rachel, for giving me something gorgeous to look forward to in 2011, when it hits the shelves.

A few fans have already been asking me about the title. What do the Stars refer to? Are they stars in the sky, or film stars? Or stars on the American flag? Or something else entirely?

This, to me, means it’s a good title. It’s already got people thinking. And, you know? I’m not going to tell you the answer. Read the book! It’s all in there, promise.

I have another cover I’m dying to share, but I can’t do it yet. As soon as I get the nod, I’ll put it up here. Meanwhile, check out Wie Zuckerwatte mit Silberfaden on, if you want to see another interesting design. It’s Threads in German and I’ve learned how to write it now without having to check any spellings. I’m so proud of myself. And I know what it means! (Which is ‘Candyfloss with Silver Threads’. Actually, I still don’t know what the ‘Wie’ part means, but I’m nearly there.) It’s just come out in Germany and they’re running a competition on the Chicken House Germany website – where the winner gets to go to Berlin Fashion Week! And meet the author! Which I guess means I get to go to Berlin Fashion Week too! Phantastisch!

Have I ever mentioned I love my job? I do, oh yes I do.


11 thoughts on “Threads 3 – we have a cover!

  1. It look amazing and that dress Jewel designed is GORGEOUS and SPLENDID and MAGNIFICENT and DIVINE and a whole lot of other words that mean amazing 🙂 Cant wait to read!!! 🙂
    Laura xx

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