Have shoes, will travel

On Saturday, all the menfolk in my family gave me a few hours off to go window-shopping for dresses for the cover of book 3. This put me in an unnaturally good mood. (And my natural mood is good, so this was really good.)

The thing that I do when I’m in an unnaturally good mood is see things, like them and quite often buy them. Which is probably why, when I saw these, I liked them and bought them:

They are Vivienne Westwood heels. They are plastic. They are comfy. They are PINK and have HEARTS ON. What’s not to love? I’m wearing them right now and they’re still making me smile. (I try not to think about how many books I’ll have to sell to pay for them …)

I will be wearing these shoes on several occasions, some of which may include the following. Please note how much fun stuff I have coming up. Do I have the best job in the world? Well, yes I do.

On 1 July, I’ll be taking part in a symposium with Melvin Burgess (yes, THE Melvin Burgess) and Barry Cunningham OBE (yes, OBE, just announced) at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival.

On 2 October, I’ll be a the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature.

On 6 October, I’ll be at the StarLit Festival in Shoreditch, which is where I set chapter 1 of Threads, so it’s very special to me. I will be accompanied by Pritt, Vogue, Grazia and scissors. It will be fun. Promise.

On 13-15 October, I’ll be taking part in the Armed, Pink and Dangerous tour of Ireland (including Limerick, Cork and Dublin) with the very lovely Sarah Webb and Judi Curtin. Also fun. Also a promise. Pink stretch limos have been mentioned in some of the admin emails. We’ll have to see if they materialise.

On 28 October I’ll be at the Wessex Festival with Barry again. (That’s the book festival, not to be confused with the beer festival or the folk festival.) Barry’ll be getting sick of those shoes …

All of these events, and my school visits, and more, will be on my events page, currently on www.sophiabennett.com, and soon to appear on www.threadsthebook.com. If you want to come and see those shoes in action, take a look. You know you want to.


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