Photos, please

I was visiting the High School for Girls in Gloucester yesterday, and I passed a display cabinet full of THE MOST INCREDIBLE STUFF. Small cushions, bags, a lace-up boot made out of ceramic tiles … all of it bursting with colour and very beautiful. All of it made by GCSE students or younger. It was totally wow and I could happily have incorporated any of it into my home. (And I’m not just saying this because the subject leader for Textiles turns out to be Miss Bennett.)

It made me think, as Carrie says in Sex and the City. How many girls and boys out there are creating really beautiful things that they would like to share? If you’ve made something at school, or at home, and you’d like to take a picture and send it to me to go in a gallery, please do. Just let me know your first name and your age and I’ll post my favourites.

I also visited Airthrie school in Cheltenham. While I was there, I met up with Jewel, who won the Threads fashion competition. As a reminder, this is the dress she designed (aged 11), which just shows what you can do.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of something I made earlier – well, actually something my publisher made. A big pile of books, for me to sign, in Waterstones in Cheltenham, provided by the very lovely Barbara. This is one of the many ways, in case you were wondering, to make an author very happy:


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