New website, new competition

Hello lovely blog reader people

Well, the time has come. This blog has been fun – and will continue to be fun: I’m not stopping – but I needed something more grown-up. More sophisticated. Something with a navigation bar and lots of photos and drawings. Something in fact that looks a lot like … a website.

It’s here, at And in honour of its launch, I’m running a new competition. A signed book of your choice. (One of my books, obviously. You can’t order “The History of Fashion” or the Oxford English Dictionary. Get those yourself.) Plus some bangles in honour of BB&B. I happen to live in bangle-rich country here on the Wandsworth/Tooting borders. You get a lot of bangle for your buck. So there will be quite a few.

To enter, go to and head for the News section. The Welcome competition post will tell you everything you need to know. Which isn’t much. This won’t be the most stretching comp you’ve ever entered. And tell me what you think of the new site.

Meanwhile, I shall be at the Hay Festival, talking on Friday morning to the early crowd, getting themselves into position for Cathy Cassidy at 11.30. I have my beautiful slide presentation (3 copies), the address on sat nav, wellies, spare outfits and lots of vitamin pills. What can possibly go wrong?

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “New website, new competition

  1. So you *are* still making websites! It looks great. Very …grown-up. I hope you’re still going to write the blog as I enjoy reading it every so often. In fact, shouldn’t you have a link to the blog somewhere on (There I go again: can’t write a paragraph of hello without a design critique.)

    Good luck with book 3!

    • Oh my! Praise from you, Francois! Wow. Thank you. I’m certainly going to try and keep up with the blog, as I enjoy it and it’s my only diary of these busy, fascinating times. I actually have a link to the blog on the homepage of – it’s the square image that says ‘Visit my blog’ – but if even you don’t think of it as a link, it clearly needs changing! Hmm. Do I know any experts who might be able to give me their valued opinion on what to do? Must think. xxx

      • Well, that’s a ‘whoops’ on my part, but I guess it proves the point: if it looks more like an illustration or ad than a link, then people are bound to miss it. Or maybe it’s just me 🙂

        I’d suggest just adding ‘Blog’ to the top navigation. The more tricky suggestion would be to have a “From my blog” block in the right-hand column, automatically listing the latest headlines (like you currently have news and Twitter.) But that will be a bit technical.

      • Done! Thanks, Francois. I went for the easy route, naturally. Anything that comes with the tagline ‘but that will be a bit technical’ tends to go very far down my to do list …

        Do let me know if you think it works. xxx

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