One of those weeks …

Now, when I don’t write a blog post, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not doing much.

In fact, today was the day when I ended up in the Laurent Perrier garden at Chelsea (and for those keen gardeners out there, note the ‘in’ as opposed to the ‘standing at the edge of, peering yearningly through the foliage and the back of other people’s heads’). And last week I was having the most co-ordinated lunch in publishing, with some of my favourite publishing people. And tomorrow, as it happens, I shall be taking tea at the Berkeley Hotel.

What? you ask. Why? Co-ordinated how? What does she mean ‘in’?

Well. Later, I shall tell you. I shall even provide photographic evidence. But tonight I’m too busy recovering from some of it and preparing for more of it. There’s fake tan to be applied, tummy crunches to do and toenails to perfect with my current favourite shade of bubblegum pink. These authorial events don’t just take care of themselves, you know.

But meanwhile, as I’m too busy, frankly, to share it all with you, here’s a link to the lovely YA Reader and her latest post about the Hay Festival. Because next week, I shall be even busier. Doing stuff like talking about my inspirations for Threads and watching lots and LOTS of other authors talk about writing.

Have I mentioned that I have the best job in the world? I think I might have done … When I had a spare moment …


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