I’m launched – again!

Several lifetimes ago (but actually last September) I had my very first launch party. It was fabulous. I held it in my local bookshop, Village Books in Wandsworth, who did all the preparation, and all I had to do was invite my friends and the people who’d helped me make the book (my editor and publisher – people like that), bring along some fairy cakes and have the time of my life.

So when the time came to do it all again (so quickly – I can’t tell you how quickly) it was VERY EASY. Same location. Same guests. Same fairy cakes. Well, slightly newer ones, but same principle. Same fabulous time. Even the same shoes. (By fashion maths, my Louboutins are just about breaking even.)

My parents were there. My mother wore a vintage Ossie Clark jacket from the sixties. Oh. My. God. Lots of the mummies from school came and were very supportive. Thanks, girls! Barry Cunningham, my amazing publisher was there, and made another really lovely speech. Apparently I remind him of Gene Hackman and The French Connection 2. Long story, but I’m very touched. I forgot to thank Hazel and Julian at Village Books publicly for all their incredible work in putting the party together, so I’m doing it here. THANK YOU HAZEL AND JULIAN. YOU ARE AMAZING. I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN.

I was surrounded by a) books, b) friends and c) prosecco. Three of my favourite things. Yay! Beads, Boys and Bangles is now officially launched and I think I’ve just about recovered.

My brother was my official photographer. Here’s a glimpse of the fun that was had – by me, at least …

This was the photo I used for the invitation. Tom would rather have been reading Thunderbirds, but there you go …

Selling books. Note the big pile by the till! Yay!

With Julian and Hazel. Independent booksellers rock!

Chatting to Hazel. Check the authorial shoes.

Signing. A favourite authorial activity. It always helps to check first that it's your book ...

After the party ... I'm surrounded by family, cakes and books. Perfect!


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