Where do your ideas come from?

Mick Jagger was recently talking to Will Gompertz, the unlikely-named arts editor at the BBC, about the re-release of the 1971 album, Exile on Main Street. As I’ve long wanted to write a grown-up novel about a decadent band putting together an iconic album in a villa in the South of France (who wouldn’t, frankly? – imagine the research), I’ve been following the PR about this quite a bit.

Anyway, Mick said this:

People say, “is a song written from your own experience?” The answer is “of course it isn’t!” Bits of it are your experience, bits of things you’ve learnt off other people, bits you’ve nicked from other people’s lives, and bits you read in a newspaper. And all this goes to make a song, a novel or a play.

Exactly. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Don’t need to now. Thanks, Mick.


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