This year I am mostly …

I’ve been going through the diary recently. There’s lots on! I’ve updated the upcoming events page and if you want to track my progress round the country, you can do it here. But it’s not finished yet. So if you’re interested, watch that space.

And as a result of recent visits, I’ve created an FAQ page, which is here. (Both are on the right hand column next to this post, if you want to find them without searching for these links again.) But to save you checking, no, I don’t have bodyguards. Sorry to disappoint.

Something that didn’t make the upcoming events page – because I was more of a guest than anything – was a party for lots of German booksellers at my publisher’s house. There were readings in the cellar and on the stairs. Mine was in the music room, which was very civilised. Books where everywhere. Discussions included the purchase of Twilight for the German market (one of those ‘she read the book all night’ moments) and deciding to buy Harry Potter (one of those ‘you all know what happened next’ moments). Standing in the room where it happened gave it an extra frisson. Being surrounded by German booksellers at the time made it simply fantastic. Then there was the bit when Di Toft described her days as a junior Slade groupie. Who knew? A good time was, I think, had by all.


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