Pictures, people!

There’s nothing like a blog with pictures. You can’t illustrate ’em enough, I say. So here are some recent favourites.

First of all, my first view of Beads, Boys and Bangles in a real, live bookshop. In fact, my local bookshop, Village Books in Wandsworth. Note the rather large pile. Also the pile of Threads,  just in case anyone in the area hasn’t read it yet. Thank you, Village Books! (And Reader, I signed them.)

Beads, Boys & Bangles in Village Books

Then, another pretty picture – this time of my German edition (in 2 different colours – ooh! Out in September) and my Dutch edition (out very soon). Beee-eau-tiful, no?

German and Dutch editions

Then, for something really pretty, some of my embargoed pictures from the Bliss photo shoot in March. If you want to see the finished version of the shoot, buy the June edition of Bliss – out now! You won’t regret it.

OK, smile ...

Get ready ...

Bliss ...

And finally, an event for which I don’t have any pictures, but which I want to say a big thank you for anyway. On Friday, I visited St Angela’s in Forest Gate. Fab school. Fab Year 7s – you rock, girls! Great questions. Lots of help with thinking of a decent title for book 3. And I got to meet Cathy Cassidy, who was visiting the school before me. And I got her to sign a copy of Angel Cake for me (which I’m reading now, and is wonderful – really wonderful). And it turned out Cathy had read Threads and wanted me to sign a copy for her!!! Altogether, a happy author day.


One thought on “Pictures, people!

  1. Oh wow! The dress is proper FAB! No wonder it won.. sigh – if only every girl had a dress like that! :0) x

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