… and the winner is …

It’s the first of May. One of my favourite days of the year. The sky is blue. It’s sort-of spring/sort-of summer. It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend and …………

It’s time to announce the winner of the ‘win a copy of Beads, Boys and Bangles’ competition.

I had lots of amazing entries. You’ve recommended some fabulous books and I’m very grateful. It’ll take me ages to choose my favourites and read my way through them. Heaven. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

So, last night I put all the names on pieces of paper, folded up the pieces and put them into a hat I bought on honeymoon in Paris. Only the best for my competition entrants! And this morning, my husband pulled a name out of the hat and the name was ……..

Da da dahhhhhhhh ………

Zaynab, who recommended Threads, Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson and Noughts and Crosses, by Malorie Blackman.

Congratulations, Zaynab. I know it was tricky for you to enter, so well done for making it through the process and all the way onto the winner’s podium! I’ll be getting a signed copy to you soon.

And watch this space, everyone, because I’ve finished my main read-through of book 3 at last and got my brain back, so soon to come will be …

  • that copy of Bliss and how good Jewel’s dress looks
  • my visit to St Angela’s school and what it felt like to get a signed copy of Angel Cake from Cathy Cassidy (who was talking there before me) and to sign one for her
  • my gorgeous Dutch and German editions, coming out soon



4 thoughts on “… and the winner is …

  1. Congratulations Zaynab! Sorry to be a pain Sophia but i was wondering if you knew if there were any competitions that i could enter to win my friend something to do with fashion as a (surprise) part of her birthday present. Her birthday is on July 4th. I entered the Beads Boys and Bangles competition but Zaynab beat me to it. 😛 And she says threads is her fave book so anything along the lines of fashion would be GREAT! Much Love Nur xxx

    • Hi Nur

      I’m afraid I don’t know of any competitions like that, but I recommend making her something. If you buy pieces of felt you can sew them very easily to make jewellery or a bag. Or maybe you could put something together using photographs she would like. I’m always most touched by things people have made for me, and proudest of things I make for my family (which isn’t often enough, I have to admit).

      Good luck!

      sophia xxx

  2. Congrats Zaynab! You’ll love the book, it’s awesome! 😀

    I saw that copy of Bliss! I bought it especially :O) It was really good!

  3. Congrats Zaynab – hope you enjoy it! We’re all envying you at the moment… 🙂 Oh, and Jewel’s dress in Bliss is GORGEOUS. No wonder it won the comp.!

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