The stuff I’m not telling you

You know what? I’m pretty brain-dead right now. I’m 10,000 words away from finishing my first read-through of the finished (sort-of) book 3 manuscript. I’m absorbing what my husband said about it and wondering if Imogen, my editor, will agree. Meanwhile, book 2 is sneaking itself into bookstores and a tiny part of my brain is already asking for permission (refused) to get down to a chapter plan for book 4.

So I don’t have the energy for a blog post.

I’d love to tell you what it felt like to get MY VERY FIRST ROYALTY STATEMENT. What an amazing, epic moment it was to see actual money I’d earned from being a writer – as opposed to advances, which are lovely, but are  based on hope and enthusiasm, rather than cold, hard sales, which are scarier, but frankly, nicer.

I’d love to tell you about my sensible plans for careful management of the royalties, so we can do stuff like buy groceries, and my mad plans for holidays and jewellery, so I can mark the moment.

I’d love to show you my beautiful Dutch copies of Threads, and my beautiful German copies of Threads, both of which arrived this week. They’re gorgeous, and rendered more intriguing by the fact that I can’t understand a word of them. (Apart from ‘und’ and ‘der’. I can do ‘und’ and ‘der’. But Dutch? Literally nada.) Actually, I will show you those copies. I’ve taken the picture. I’ll upload it as soon as I have the energy. Watch this space.

I’d been planning to talk about Jewel’s dress in Bliss magazine, which should be on the shelves now, but I was so busy doing my read-through I forgot to go out and buy a copy. Oh my God!

I’d love to talk about all the events happening this year. There are so many of them! Poor book 4 will have to be planned and written on the back of envelopes on trains and in hotel rooms.

But I can’t tell you about any of it, because my brain is saving what little energy it has left for the final bit of the read-through. Finishing a book is weird – for me, anyway. Having been bound up in it for months, as soon as I can feel the end approaching, I get extra-sensitive to the story and start worrying about tiny details. It’s definitely nearly time for me to put it down and step away. But before I do, I’m carrying every plot line, every character, every joke and scene change in my head, and wondering if they work. My synapses are fully occupied. It’s a wonder I can make a cup of tea.

So no blogging from me, I’m afraid. Just a reminder that there are only 3 days to go if you want to enter the competition to win a signed copy of book 2.

Normal service will be resumed soon, I hope. Now, back to that bit with Nonie on 43rd Street that needs a bit of tweaking …


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