Counting down

When your 3 year-old is obsessed with Thunderbirds, you do a lot of counting down. You start with 5 and end up with Thunderbirds are GO! When you’re an author, you also do a lot of counting down. You start with an idea for a book and end up with … so many things. I had no idea. I thought you ended up with a book, but I was SO naive. That’s just the start of it.

There’s counting down to the printing of the book (done), and then knowing that it exists in boxes in a warehouse somewhere. Then there’s counting down to the moment when you get your first review (also done), or the books go on sale online, or you get your own big, fat copies – whichever comes first. Then there’s the launch party, if you have one, and other reviews by people you really want to like the book (assuming they talk about it), and reaching a respectable ranking on Amazon (which your publisher rightly tells you not to worry about – hahahahahahahaha).

But even then the countdown’s  just beginning. If you’re lucky and you get some publicity for the book, there are the literary festivals to talk at, schools and libraries to visit, fan letters to answer and tours to go on with girly writer friends. And if you’re me and you’re really lucky, there’s THE PHOTO SHOOT IN BLISS MAGAZINE of the winning dress in the competition for your last book. And there’s the deadline for finishing the first draft of the next book, which happens to coincide with the official launch date of book 2 …

So basically, there’s a lot going on at the moment, and a lot to come.

Here are some highlights:

Threads 2: Beads Boys and Bangles is available on Amazon here and in all good bookshops any time soon. If you happen to pop into your local bookshop, please tell them about it. Word spreads! (And if anyone wants to write a review on Amazon, you’re more than welcome …)

If, instead, you’d like a free signed copy from me, you can still enter the competition here. It runs out at the end of the month though, so you have ONE WEEK LEFT. I’m counting down here too …

At some point this week, you’ll be able to see Jewel’s competition winning dress in the new June edition of Bliss magazine. More on that soon. Accompanied by some of the photos I took on the day, which are FAB!

But if you can’t wait, you can create your own magazine looks – perhaps inspired by Nonie and Crow – on It’s fantastic website, recommended to Jewel by the SartoriaList Scott Shumann himself (ker-langgg) when we met him at London Fashion Week (ker-langgg). It’s also been recommended to me by one of my readers recently and she’s done a set with Nonie, Jenny and Edie on it. I AM SO TOUCHED!

And if you can wait, and you want to see my ideas of what Nonie, Jenny, Crow and Edie are like, you can come and see me at the Hay Festival on 4 June. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

Before that, I’ll be talking at St Angela’s Ursuline Convent in Upton Park  on Friday. Go, girls. Can’t wait.

Now I’m already on my book 3 countdown. Finish in two weeks … editing over the summer … proof copies in the autumn … publication next year.

It’s never-ending, this writing lark.

I LOVE IT! I’m just praying I get to keep doing it. THREADS ARE GO!!!


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