Persona Grazia

In the Threads series, Nonie’s favourite fashion magazine is Grazia. Might this be because the author normally has a copy of it in her computer bag? Or because it has a mixture of fashion trends and celebrity news that perfectly mirrors Nonie’s obsessions? Or because it is, quite simply, a genius publication?

Anyway, this week life imitated art and Grazia Daily (the online version) talked about Threads.

They said this. I hope they don’t mind me quoting, but I might just get it framed:

Okay, so we know we’re old enough to know better, but… we’re more obsessed than we should be with Threads by Sophia Bennett — a supercute book aimed at, well, girls about 20 years younger than us. It’s about an African refugee called Crow who comes to England, is adopted by the St Martins crew (weirder things have happened) and ends up becoming London Fashion Week’s darling. And it’s lovely! Even Giles Deacon thinks so — he’s designed a special cover for it. Read it or put it on your wall.

Thank you, Grazia Daily people! And right back atcha! It caught me at a pre-launch moment (for book 2) that’s always a bit unsettling, when good news is much appreciated. Big smile now, though.

And don’t forget about the competition to win a signed copy of Beads, Boys and Bangles. It’s still going. Not too late! Click here to enter …


5 thoughts on “Persona Grazia

  1. Hey Sophie,
    It’s Suzy from Grazia. I read your book and I LOVED it so thought we had to put it on the site. When is the next one coming out? x

    • Hi Suzy. Hooray! I’m so thrilled and honoured and flattered and everything. Book 2 – Beads, Boys and Bangles – is coming out on 3 May. In three weeks! So not long to wait now. The cover features a dress by Tanielle Lobo, who’s an ex-St Martin’s student I met at her graduation show. I hope you like it as much. sophia xxx

  2. I’d put the cover in a frame as well! I won the special edition at Amber’s Mile Long Book Shelf, and I’m treasuring that cover now :3

    Congrats on being in Grazia! 🙂

    On another note, I have started a new review blog (mainly reviews on books) and it’s located here: Hopefully once I obtain book 2 (armed with my email, a publisher’s email and their website >8D) there will be a review of it up there!

    -Jean xx

    • Hi Jean. Thanks for your note and very good luck with the new review site. I’ll check it out and I’m sure it’ll be a great success. And I hope you like book 2. Fingers very firmly crossed. sophia xxx

      • I’m sure I will enjoy it! Except, I’ve emailed Chicken House about a review copy, and the email I sent it to doesn’t accept mail! I guess there were too many people emailing about review copies :’D

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