So, that new book, what’s it about then?

The thing is … if you’re going to try and win a copy of Beads, Boys and Bangles (see my last post) you probably want to know what it’s about. Here’s a bit of a teaser, to give you an idea.

It’s the first book I’ve written that features a vintage Mary Quant dress, 20,000 historical elephants, Twitter, Audrey Hepburn and an improvised game of cricket in a Mumbai slum. I had a few mad moments writing it, but I’m all right now, thank you.

Anyway, back to the plot …

Crow Lamogi is not a typical London teenager. She’s the sort of London girl who happens to be from Uganda, has already done a show at London Fashion Week and is now launching her first high street collection for Miss Teen. So far so good.

Edie is busy with her world-saving website, which is becoming ever more popular. The trouble is, some campaign group from California has hacked into it and is claiming that Crow’s collection was made by child labour in India, and that Edie is a hypocrite for supporting Crow.

Nonie is concerned about this, but she’s also busy wondering whether she might, finally, get the chance to go on a perfect date with a gorgeous boy. Even if he does call her ‘Boots’. (Because she happens to be wearing these really cute vintage white plastic ones that go perfectly with her Mary Quant minidress …)

Jenny is not convinced about Nonie and the gorgeous boy. After all, Jenny’s been hurt before. But her mind is on other things. She’s been offered the chance to recover from her disastrous movie appearance by appearing in a low-key play. Which would be fabulous, if she wasn’t being stalked by an enemy from her Hollywood past …

The girls are busy. They have a lot on. They even have exams looming. So what will they do when Crow gets offered the chance to do another collection for Miss Teen and Edie’s website nearly makes the whole thing impossible? How far will they take their friendship? And would Miss Teen really send them all the way to India, to show them how the clothes were made?

What do you think?

(Clue: I ate one or two truly delicious curries in the course of my research. I am also a bit of a bore on the building Taj Mahal. Rather like one of my characters …)

I hope you like it. Four weeks to go and counting … Yay!


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