Good things

Some weeks are better than others. This week …

I discovered that I know 2 authors from the Orange prize longlist. OK, I haven’t actually met one of them and the other one is a neighbour, rather than a literary colleague, but nevertheless, I sort of feel like a real publishing person with, like, connections and stuff. Good luck to them both. You go, girls!

I saw the finished photos from the Bliss photoshoot. They are gorgeous!

My mother (I love you, Mummy) sent Threads to The Perfect Person To Play Granny. Seriously. Perfect. Ideal. If you knew who she was and you’d read Threads you’d go ‘Oh! Her! Yes! Absolutely.’ She said it was ‘delicious’. Now we wait for her to realise she’s the perfect person to play Granny and get Disney to option the book. Or something. Watch this space.

Book 3 made serious progress. And I managed to get Elton John and Alicia Keys into it. In the same scene. Yes!

Beads, Boys and Bangles got its first review. From a much respected bookselling magazine (you know who you are). It included my third-favourite word, after ‘semi-autobiographical’ and ‘palimpsest’, which is ‘unputdownable’. Yay yay yay!

And this weekend? Nothing planned. Nothing! Even better. Can’t wait. Have fun, people.


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