Model, author, whatever …

On Tuesday it was the photoshoot for Bliss magazine. This was the main prize in the Threads fashion competition, won by Jewel Simfendorfer. Jewel’s dress will feature in the June issue of Bliss, which hits the shops on 28 April (June/April … don’t ask …).

The model was called Charlotte and she looked STUNNING in the dress. But I can’t show you – yet, at least – because of publication dates and embargos and stuff. I’d have to kill you first. So instead, here are some non-revealing shots of the makeup table, the studio and the lovely photographer Emma (who lives above the cheese shop next to one of the many coffee shops where I write. How exciting is THAT?).

Jewel was there too, and I personally think that the best shots of all were the ones Emma took of Jewel and Charlotte together. But they may use them in the magazine and if I showed you, I’d have to kill you, so just look out for Bliss on April 28th, OK?

They took one of me with Jewel and Charlotte. All I can say is, if you’re 43, in jeans and having a bad hair day, don’t pose next to a cool 11 year-old with waist-length hair and a teenage model. Just a suggestion. No fear of that one appearing in Bliss, but I don’t have a copy of it either, so you’re safe.

What secrets can I tell you? Well, if you want to look on-trend this summer, think pink. Short and floral is good. Girly is in, but with a twist. It helps if you have good legs and good hair. If not, accessorise! There, I think that just about covers it.

At the end of the shoot, we had a lovely chat with Lydia, who is the stylist and features editor (?) writer (?) for Bliss. Whatever – she has THE PERFECT JOB. Fashion, plus writing. How perfect is that? If I didn’t already have the best job in the world myself, I’d be very jealous.

Or maybe the second most perfect job. Jewel was a model and designer that day. It was very tiring, and required a lot of Coke and ham sandwiches to keep her going, but it was cool. We looked around the studio and agreed it would be a great place to stage a catwalk show. Maybe one day, Jewel will. If she does, I’ll be in the front row and hopefully she’ll let me show you the photos.


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